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Engineered Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone flooring is one of the most common types of flooring that you are likely to find in both commercial and residential setups. You may have come across engineered herringbone flooring multiple times without even knowing it.
Read moreEngineered herringbone floors and flooring installation Melbourne have a particularly distinct style that enables them to create a geometric effect, which consists of small rectangular tiles that are oriented at a right angle. Engineered herringbone floors can be constructed from a variety of materials, including timber ceramic or vinyl. The ideal option for herringbone flooring installation used to be primarily timber. But over time, even mahogany, cherry, and oak have become more popular choices for this flooring style. Engineered herringbone flooring, has the strong benefit of having a virtually time proof design style. Whether you are looking to decorate a more traditional aesthetic, or if you want to go for something particularly modern, it can be surprising to see how well-engineered herringbone floors can complement both styles. They can bring a sense of luxury to any type of decor and often stand out, helping to accentuate any furniture within a given space. The unique design is thanks to the way herringbone blocks are fitted and laid but the best part about this laying system is how much stronger it makes your timber floor. Furthermore, engineered herringbone flooring is not a highly expensive solution and is within reach for most homeowners and business owners.

Herringbone Flooring Installation

One of the strongest selling points for engineered herringbone flooring is that the installation process is not particularly difficult. Many consider herringbone flooring installation to be a DIY project. However, in reality, the installation process itself requires a great deal of precision to ensure that you get a perfect finish. If the subfloor on which the herringbone flooring is placed is in an undesirable condition and is not level, then you can have multiple problems down the line with your engineered herringbone flooring. Furthermore, the process involves a significant amount of know-how in flooring installation, as it requires an initial placement from the centre of the room to the ends in a triangle shape. It is always recommended to have a professional with you when installing engineered herringbone floors and solid timber flooring installation. If you want quality herringbone flooring installation, then connect with Budget Floors today. Our professionals will be more than happy to get the installation process for you done in a quick and seamless manner. We have hired a team of experts who come with vast experience in dealing with the installation of multiple flooring solutions so you can be assured that they will be able to take care of your herringbone flooring installation without even the slightest bit of difficulty. Our professionals are committed to providing the least amount of inconvenience when installing any floor flooring solution whether it is for homes or offices. When you choose our team for herringbone flooring installation, you can be guaranteed that you will get an engineered herringbone floor that has a perfect finish with no room for complaint. If you want to see our engineered herringbone collection for yourself, then simply head over to our showroom in Melbourne and you can get a feel for the engineered herringbone flooring in real-time. If you still have any difficulty in making a final decision, our design consultants will be more than happy to walk you through the different types of flooring solutions we have, so that you can make a much more informed decision.
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